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AJ Horses was founded by Jim and Andra to provide training and horse related products for mounted shooting competitors and enthusiasts. Jim and Andra believe that good horsemanship, and well trained horses is the key to success in the sport of mounted shooting as well as other equine events. Jim and Andra have demonstrated the effectiveness by the National and World Titles they’ve earned and the many titles that their students and horses have earned. They have over 40 years of equine experience with working and training horses and people.

Andra Olson/Colt Signature Mounted Shooting Saddle
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 Super Soft Earplugs for horses
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Perfecting Performance, Exercises and Drills by AJ Horses, Andra Olson and Jim Hanson
Jim Hanson and Andra Olson, who have earned several National and World Titles throughout their career in mounted shooting, share their insights and experience on the practical application of good horsemanship. Perfecting Performance covers the fundamentals ofwarming up your horse, balance and control, turns, gear and equipment all the way through to how to become a better competitor. This easy to follow book contains several exercises with step by step colored photos and diagrams that can be used by anyone wanting to improve their horsemanship.


A Partnership In Patience
Story and photos by Ken Amorosano

An Introduction to the Sport of Mounted Shooting 
Western Horseman Magazine
CMSA World Team Champions Reveal Secrets of their Success

New for 2015 - Want some free pointers for you and your horse?

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